Hi all! Very excited to report that I have three new songs that are far along and structured enough to get some initial drum tracking in with friend an…
Tread/FleeListen now (3 min) | Hi friends- Sending out a song that means a great deal to me but has not yet found its final form. I’d written it originally on ba…
and your flitting attention
Tracking Down a Track, Runnin' Down a DreamListen now (4 min) |
Progress update on last week's song and I'm taking you on a little journey to search for some nuggetsListen now (11 min) |
with Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle and many more
Hello from my mom's house! Here is a tiny kernel of something I think might turn into a song accompanied by a ramble from me.Listen now (5 min) |
Rainy Sunday Piano Improv.Listen now (7 min) |
my first nature video and thank you multi-disciplinary arts and residencies
readers digest
Hello from Columbus, Ohio! We are headed to Pittsburgh for the final show of tour this evening. What an extremely long and short month! On this run I’v…