Let's Help Each Other

Putting the 'Community' in ThaoForTheRecord.Community. I didn't buy that domain name for nothin'!


Thanks so much to those who sent in tips and shared what helps you stick to some kind of daily structure. As I was reveling in your generous and genuine correspondence and offers of support, I was reminded that the internet is not just for breaking us.

I think we could use For the Record to be a resource for each other via the Comments section. My vision is that every once in a while I’ll post things helping me get through the day/ life/ a particular moment and I hope you‘ll be up for sharing as well. I believe it would be so sweet and community-oriented and sometimes hilarious. I myself have a horrid association with the Comments section of any online platform so I’m hoping we can all take part in what my partner calls an Ongoing Emotionally Corrective Experience. And because Fridays are casual and I do what I want everyday, today is the launch of “Let’s Help Each Other” and the weekly Q and A is gently postponed.

Ok here’s the first one:

You know when you’re at your desk and out of the blue you remember a particularly galling moment in life when someone was being a complete asshole to you and you didn’t have the right response/instantaneous vengence tactic at the ready and here you are years later trying to work on a remix but you cannot think about music, music is nothing, nothing is anything, you only know the absence between your heartbeats, the narrowing of your vision, the heat in your ears and the deep reverberations from within that whisper : I am ready now. I must find them…


What helps me:

I saw this sweet manatee in this snug, sassy t-shirt in an insurance commercial YEARS ago and whenever the blood boils too hot I conjure this image tonic in my mind’s eye. Come At Me Bro Manatee makes me chortle, calms, and defuses me so that I can continue to work, but also reminds me that staying cool does not mean being weak. I just looked up the commercial and then took a screen shot of the still. Is this how memes start? Was this a meme first and then it took live-action commercial form? “Let’s Help Each Other” posts can also contain cultural trivia.

Alright, your turn if you want! The Comments section is open and operators are standing by. Thank you for being a part of this community.