Two for Tuesday

Friends! Hello!

I’m imposing another deadline on myself in order to have a little physical recording available for the upcoming tour.. If everything goes to plan I will turn in two brand-new songs by June 1st, that they might be made available in a physical form for the September tour with Julien Baker. This is very exciting to me, as I love a challenge for which there is just barely enough time. I don’t have two new finished songs, but I have a few barely formed songs that I could finish. (These are separate from the Autoharp song that we will all be watching grow like a chia pet.)

I quite enjoy the convenience of sharing works-in-progress with you via video, but as a performer and entertainer it pains me to think I might be boring you by asking you to just watch a Pro Tools recording session. LUCKILY FOR ALL OF US, I found some tiny creatures that we keep around to include in care packages we send to our nephews.

Needless to say all these gems are staying with the aunties in California.

On this song I’m experimenting with vocals processed by this Voicelive contraption:

It adds any number of layers and intervals of harmonies to your voice as you sing live. I’m very excited by the extreme other-worldy qualities of this treatment and plan to really lean into the iterations that best convey the depths and intersections of natural and unnatural experience, the ones that would be.. how do you say.. like the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos of sound.

Q and A of Yore:

Just a couple q’s and a’s to bundle with this evening’s post:

Q. from Leslie: Do you have a favorite film score from movies that came out this year?

A: Yes of the ones I’ve seen- Minari!!!! Amazing film and amazing score by Emile Mosseri. So beautiful and I wept through the entire thing. Emile also scored The Last Black Man in San Francisco and Kajillionaire, lovely work all around.

Q. from M: I’ve heard you mention that you worked in your mom’s laundromat. What did you do there?

A: Well my friend, I would work the counter, make change for the machines, fold staggering amounts of strangers’ laundry for our Wash, Dry and Fold service, sweep up, clean out the dryer filters, play guitar when there were no customers, and do any chores or tasks asked of me because are you kidding me I had no other option. Also hi mom you are a hero.

thanks yall, more soon!

My best,