and a promise

Hello everyone-

In the past few weeks, I’ve worked on two remixes, which brings the total of songs I’ve remixed in my life to two! In my ongoing effort to become a better and more versatile producer, engineer, and musician, I wanted to try my hand at uploading a lot of files and getting inside someone else’s song and seeing how I can reimagine it while still staying true to its heart. I’m very excited to be learning more about this process and really appreciate artists and their labels letting me try. These projects should be released within the next few months and I will be sure to share. In the meantime please recommend your favorite remixes! I need to continue doing research. Grist, mill, etc.

Instrument Acquisition Update!

Well I wasn’t sure I needed an autoharp but that doesn’t mean I didn’t. Every recording studio I’ve ever worked in has had one laying around, and I wanted my home studio to have one as well. Ok yall get ready for a track featuring this Oscar Schmidt autoharp, as it needs to pay for its room and board!

As I was wondering how best to start exploring the promise and potential of my new friend, I remembered last week’s Q and A wherein I remembered a songwriting technique shared by Aimee Mann long ago. (Not shared directly with me, that would make me unrelatably cool; I read it in an interview.) Ms. Mann said she would write down random chords on strips of paper and toss them into a hat, and then write songs based on the randomly selected chords. Well, good enough for A.M., more than good enough for T.N.!

I will start writing a song based on these chords I am so gingerly demonstrating:

It’s time to up the ante and the songwriting productivity here at For the Record, so I’m going to.. mildly confidently.. say that by next Tuesday I will have written a song based on these hat chords and I will share this said “song” with you. Thank you for participating in this accountability exercise with me!

* Yall I’ll go ahead and say what you’re thinking, which is that the exercise pants I have on are wild. They were a gift. Sometimes I forget I’m wearing them and then I look down and WOW sensory overload. I like to wear them running, for traffic safety.

Sending my best.