Progress Report

There is progress being made


Today I have for you this video:

Regarding the framing: I know, I know, you come for the music, you stay for the cinemtography.

Friends I do believe this Autoharp Song, which I will refer to as such until probably the day the album artwork is due, is the first song on For The Record that we will watch grow up together.

My gameplan for next song steps: ironing out a main vocal melody, additional melodic backing parts, and at least two more different sections and chord progressions to serve as bridges, verses, variety whilst maintaining unity and solidarity with what I THINK the overall vibe is.. also will have to settle on what the overall vibe is.

As a sensitive someone who’s never documented in real-time all the incremental steps, hard lefts and circle backs a song can go through, I am a bit nervous about being so open, but documenting the songwriting process and all its potential triumphs and indignities is definitely what I said I’d be doing and I’ve stalled long enough.

*I know I implied I’d have a full demo of a song for you yesterday, and I believed it was possible when I said it, but it turns out it was just not creatively, energetically possible.

**Now you know a bit more of what it’s like to be my management, and also what it was like to be my college professors.

Yesterday I just could not summon the mix of focus, optimisim and confidence it takes me to write so instead I burrowed into this :

I am so grateful to novels and short story collections for taking me out of my head while also filling it with inspiration and motivation. This also goes for narrative films, music documentaries and episodes of ESPN’s 30 for 30.