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Prepping for Tour Whilst Thinking About New Songs

Hi all! Back into juggling mode— preparing for the tour and working on the new songs. In this video I’m practicing lead guitar for “Ambition” from the 7” vinyl release. ( I’m playing lead all over the song, which I won’t do live, but it’s very gratifying to have these free-wheeling sessions before I have to get serious and nail down singing and playing lead guitar at the same time.)

Typically my playing in songs is a lot more wild and free in my live performances compared to the recorded versions, because I’ve had time to perform and practice and try out different voicings and runs along the neck.

For the recording of future songs I want to be more prepared (and thus more free) with lead guitar arrangements, so I can have more interesting guitar moments actually on the album and not just live, later.

my best,


For The Record
For The Record
Thao Nguyen