Pre-Show Warm Up

Hello from Columbus, Ohio! We are headed to Pittsburgh for the final show of tour this evening. What an extremely long and short month!

On this run I’ve made it a point to keep a spare guitar in the green room to warm up and calm down before shows- whenever I can sneak a moment to myself I fall back into the country-blues inspired picking I’ve loved (and continue to aspire to) from the beginning. No soothing escape quite like it for me.

In my late teens I found artists like Elizabeth Cotten, Lightnin Hopkins, Muddy Waters and have been in awe of the emotional dexterity and creative, fluid time keeping of their playing and wandering towards it ever since. (Just for leisure and joy; it’s not really a part of my songwriting day job.)

More from the field and tour debrief soon. Spoiler: I will be talking about lower back pain.

my best,