Hello friends! I’ve been trying to single-task my way into a two-track 7” that will be available for the September tour. Due to pandemic vinyl-pressing realities I have to turn the songs in SO VERY SOON to have copies available in time. I am taking a quick break from writing and recording to update you on my writing and recording.

For these two songs, I’ve built out the entire compositions and mapped out the vocal melody with nonsensical place-holder syllables to stall for as long as possible. I hold lyrics in high regard and, due to the stress they cause me, I sometimes wish I didn’t always feel like I had to communicate something meaningful to me. This, thankfully, is not one of those times, and I am really glad to have songwriting as an outlet.

I have lyrics and music for one song pretty much done and lyrics and final instrumentation of the other one pretty much not done at all. But soon!

The first one ( I will come up with a better name for it) starts like this:

*Credit and thanks to my college roommate Kate who long ago told me “eat and be hungry.” Throughout the years I have forgotten but lately I’m remembering.

**Pardon the chicken scratch but I think it brings us closer.

More soon!