On the road again sooner than later and earlier than expected

Hello out there-

Well friends, it looks like I’ll be leaving my house in a few months. Just announced today: a September tour! This past summer, my own headlining tour for Temple was pushed to March of 2022. Since the postponement, I hadn’t even been considering hitting the road before 2022, but the opportunity to join the fantastic Julien Baker for an East Coast and Midwest run was too good to pass up!

Below are the cities in which I’ll be supporting Julien:

Birmingham, AL

Atlanta, GA

Asheville, NC

Saxapahaw, NC

Washington, DC

New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Boston, MA

Northhampton, MA

Toronto, ON

Chicago, IL

Minneapolis, MN

Madison, WI

Detroit, MI

Columbus, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Next Steps:

I look forward to taking you along with me as I get back in the saddle. We have a while yet, but please feel free to start sending recommendations for your favorite eateries in these cities. Food tour is always neck and neck with, and, every once and a while, head and shoulders above music tour. :)

I spent the morning compiling a mental to-do list, as it does seem like this run has a good chance of happening, and as I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to be better organized. Time is and has been so weird, it feels like I could just sit down for a few episodes of Chopped tonight and then next thing I know it’ll be early September and I’m late for the airport.


-Get vaccinated_ CHECK! Was able to get vaccinated this weekend. I feel so fortunate and I did tear up from relief and gratitude and then AGAIN when the woman in front of me started crying because who would not

-Buy a few more pairs of good running socks, the kind that are expensive but worth it but painful to buy

-Get an eye exam so I can order more contacts

-Re-learn songs I wrote

-Decide which of my credit cards are really worth having, cancel none of them, keep paying fees on all of them

-Look for pants that are not ‘sweat’ but also not ‘denim’

-Actually, sweatpants are fine, just find ones that people in their 20’s wear


I’ll be back with Q and A on Friday!