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Hometown Show

9:30 Club

Hello all!

We just wrapped up our 3 ish week Midwest/East Coast run and I am home resting and recovering with electrolytes and square meals before we head out again for our West Coast leg.

Above video is the first encore song from our 9:30 Club show in Washington, D.C. on March 31st. My brother filmed it for our mom who couldn’t be there and uploaded it to google drive (he and I are very different) and then he even sent it to me separately after I tried to download it from google drive and lost.

When I was 12 or so our family life changed drastically and my mom scrambled to figure out how to support us. She ended up aquiring a little laundromat and dry cleaners in Fairfax, VA with my uncle and spent all her waking hours there. I worked there after school and on the weekends and, in retrospect, was probably just minimally helpful. She was finally able to sell the laundromat and retire a few years back. It’s always emotional for me to sing Feet Asleep and relive what she endured and pushed through for us, but exponentially more so with my brother in the crowd and in a venue not even 20 miles from the “shop” and ten miles from my childhood home.

A note about the 9:30 Club- I grew up imagining myself on stage there and it’s always better than what I envisioned. Forever grateful to the 9:30 for being one of the best in the business, and for reminding me of the beauty of the ongoing, full-throttle pursuit of dreams.

For The Record
For The Record
Thao Nguyen