Hello friends-

I’m just back from a trip to New York for a photo shoot, the details of which I can’t wait to share with you, but unfortunately have to wait to share with you. Below are a couple things I’m very excited about that are shareable, and thus much better material for a newsletter.

Last August, Ellis of the band San Fermin reached out to see if I’d like to work with him on a song for an ongoing series of collaborative tracks he releases through his label. I knew of him and his beautiful music and was happy for the opportunity to team up. Just this past week we released the song, “Dream Yourself Awake” along with a lyric video I made with my in-house art director.

Very Condensed Timeline of How the Song Was Made:

-Ellis first sent a few sketches and ideas. I found them to be very cool.

-I emailed him back:

hope you are having ok weird holidays!
 finally getting a chance to sit down and spend more time with what you've sent-- so cool!!!

when you get a chance and only if you still want to, would you send stems for
4. Clicky Beat

6. Breathy Vox

8. Slow Strings

9. Glass arpeggios

i can totally work with mp3s for now, no rush.

-I recorded some of my own ideas, sketches, elaborations upon and manipulations of what his stems and sent this demo of sketches back:

Ellis sent back a more fully fleshed out track which I loved.

And then a bounty of emails, texts, idea addition and subtraction, building, deconstruction, Killing Eve episodes and several months later..

Ellis and I will share more of the song building process in coming weeks but just wanted to give you all an exclusive sneak peek.

Additional New Content Share:

A while back I mentioned I was working on a couple remixes— the first one is now out! For the song The Contours, from the band Owen:

This coming Thursday the 24th is my first live show since everything and.. I have to go rehearse right now! More updates from re-entering live-show life very soon.

all my best,