Hi all- these past weeks I’ve been reminded that balancing the ongoing (welcome) work of performing and promoting while writing a record is very hard. Lately I haven’t quite found the kind of time I’d like to work on new songs, as I’ve been immersed in the re-learning and re-arranging of old songs, traveling, performing, and making my best eyes at the camera for a photo shoot and a music video.

This just came out online today so I’m clear to share with you- the other month when I was being vague about a shoot in NYC, it was for the cover of the New York Times’ T Magazine!

I’ll be on the cover, along with Ruby Ibarra, Audrey Nuna and Michelle Zauner. Out in print Aug. 22!

I love this piece, so beautifully written by Ligaya Mishan. I’d love it just the same if I weren’t included. (But it IS very nice to be included)

I was so glad they let me wear this incredible $6,600 Prada jacket. I think it’s fair to say that was a once in a life time encounter.

Just a couple weeks ago, right after I returned home from our Santa Fe show I shot a music video for Marrow (the closer from my latest album TEMPLE), directed by the fantastic Linda Mai Green. The video will be out soon and we are all very excited to share it with you.

This is the only behind-the scenes-photo I have right now:

photo by Francois Boulaire
**It was a very busy day and I had to double up lunch with hair prep and was so scattered I did the rock n roll sign wrong! ***More credit info on incredible music video crew upon release.

All this to say I am lucky and busy and lucky to be busy but I miss long stretches of working on new songs and I can’t wait to get back into a daily practice… tomorrow. Tomorrow!

my best,